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Glenda - The Images GroupThe impossible frequently becomes possible with Glenda Moore at the controls. Glenda, together with her mentor, Dr Erna Fourie, in 1998 had a vision of one day creating her own manufacturing company, taking the industry by storm and exploring her own philosophy in the marketplace.


In the beginning, her business was only a two-woman operation: Glenda marketing office furniture with her mum giving admin support and watching proudly as Glenda quickly grew from strength to strength to become one of the Business Woman of the Year finalists in 2002.


Glenda’s reach extended into the world of furniture manufacture and, more seriously, into design. She formed The Images Group in 1998, for which professionalism and service are the top priorities. The Group grew to embrace and include satellite companies. All the satellite companies in the Group are hand picked by Glenda and fully subscribes to the ethical and other core values of the Group.


Glenda has the conviction: it’s all about choices. She chose to successfully market office furniture and to decentralise her marketing territory from Cape Town to the rest of South Africa.

Glenda took a leap of faith when she started her business, and sees the ongoing success of The Images Group as confirming and rewarding her belief in God. This belief in God is reflected in the group’s motto: “All good things happen when we work together in a happy and stimulating environment.” Glenda has been the Chairlady of the Group from the outset.